State Military Department

Strategic Plan

2014-2018 Strategic Plan


Be the best emergency response, Soldier support, and at-risk youth education agency.


Our mission is “To provide emergency response, support, and At-risk education that protect and serve the needs of our citizens”.


The values of the Military Department encompasses:

  1. Accountable: Assume personal responsibility for the organizational mission. Meet or exceed all commitments.
  2. Integrity: Do what is right in all circumstances. Perform legally, honestly, and ethically.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion: Respect and value the differences of all members of the organization. Commit to fostering an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to succeed.
  4. Trust: Share a commitment to these core values and the Army and Air Force core values. Care for one another. Share a commitment to each other, the organization and selfless public service. Practice open communication and transparency.
  5. Loyalty: Committed into aiding in the success of the organization.
  6. Pride & Ownership:  Having ownership in the organization.


  • Support LANG and partner agencies in state, community, and federal mission preparation, response and recovery.
  • Provide structured, targeted education opportunities for at-risk youth