Federal Employee Update


Potential Government Shutdown due to Lapse in Appropriations

At this time, prudent management requires that the government plan for the possibility of a lapse in appropriations and the Department of Defense and the Administration is working with the Office of Management and Budget to take appropriate actions.

These agencies can and will continue to support key military operations.

Plans have been updated to prepare for an orderly shutdown, as outlined in the guidance received from the Office of Management and Budget.

  • The planning was consistent with what was done in previous instances where a potential lapse in appropriations was approaching.
  • The planning was based on current law regarding a lapse in appropriations, and the requirements of an emergency government furlough.

Of course, the hope that this planning is ultimately unnecessary, and that no lapse occurs.

By law in the event of a lapse in appropriations, the Department of Defense can only conduct activities designed to protect safety of life and property.

  • DoD can support specific military operations that the Secretary of Defense has approved.
  • We can also maintain police, fire, and emergency medical protection
  • Activities that can continue are labeled “excepted activities.”  Non-excepted activities must generally stop.

In the event of a lapse, all of our AGR military personnel would be directed to continue in a normal duty status.

  • Their employment contracts are such that they cannot be placed in non-pay status
  • Military servicemembers would be paid retroactively once the lapse of appropriations ends
  • No excepted/non excepted determination is required for military servicemembers
  • Other military status personnel are directed to seek guidance from their supervisors to determine their duty status in the event of a lapse


Civilian employees scheduled to work on October 1, 2013 should report to work as normal.  Employees will either be placed in a furlough status or continue to work.  Prior to departing, all furloughed employees should ensure their time and attendance is recorded for October 1-4, 2013, with furlough code KE.  If the appropriation lapse extends past October 4, 2013, employee work schedules will be populated with KE (furlough), until such time as the Human Resource Office processes a return to duty transaction.  Furloughed employees will be paid for any time spent supporting the orderly shutdown, but that time will be processed retroactively after this situation is resolved.
For those employees excepted from furlough, further instructions will be provided for recording their time and attendance before October 4.

Employees exempt from the government shutdown (e.g., employing organization has funding available to continue normal operations), regular timekeeping rules apply.

For more information, please go to www.dfas.mil.

Please note:  This does not apply to Nonappropriated Fund employees nor Foreign National employees.


For more information, visit the United States Office of Personnel Management website at: www.opm.gov


United States Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel released the following message to the Department regarding the potential government shutdown:


To all Department of Defense personnel:

As you know, the government’s annual funding could expire at midnight tonight. I have joined President Obama in urging Congress to prevent a lapse in appropriations, and like all of you I would be deeply disappointed if Congress fails to fulfill its most basic responsibilities. We are now in a moment of regrettable and avoidable uncertainty. It would be irresponsible on our part not to prepare for the possibility of a shutdown – especially given that we don’t know what Congress will do over the next 24 hours.

To this end, DoD has been moving forward with necessary and prudent preparations. DoD leaders, in coordination with the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management, have been reviewing and updating contingency plans. Whatever happens, we will be prepared.

If a shutdown occurs, it will affect different parts of our department in different ways. While military personnel around the world would continue to serve in a normal duty status, a large number of civilian employees and contractors would likely be temporarily furloughed. Your supervisor will provide more information, but I want you to know that furlough decisions are dictated solely by the law, which only permits us to direct civilians to work if they are required to continue supporting military operations or if they are required to protect DoD personnel and property. The furloughs are in no way a reflection of the importance of your work, the hard effort you put forth every day, or your dedicated service to our department and our nation.

This has been a trying period for DoD personnel across the globe – military, civilian, and contractors alike. Right now, I am in South Korea meeting with our Republic of Korea allies and commemorating the 60th anniversary of our mutual defense treaty. I have spent time with U.S. troops and DoD civilians stationed here who would be impacted by a government shutdown. This is an unnecessary and unwelcome distraction from our mission of defending the nation.

DoD personnel and families have been through a lot recently. Sequestration has meant that most of our civilian employees have already had to endure furloughs this year, causing significant stress and hardship, while service members and military families have had to deal with the needless strain of reduced readiness as well as temporary reductions in services essential to their wellbeing. I know the uncertainty of a possible shutdown only adds to the anxiety that I’m sure many of you and your families are feeling. But I also know that the Department of Defense is a strong and resilient institution. We are going into this challenge together and we will come out of it together.

I want to thank all of you – military and civilian – for your patience and your professionalism, as well as your continued service and dedication to both our department and our country.
Thank you, and God Bless you and your families.

# # #

For more information, visit the United States Office of Personnel Management website at: www.opm.gov


1) Everyone is expected to report to work on Tuesday, October 1, 2013.  If the government shuts down, most employees will receive furlough notifications. Regardless of any information distributed through media outlets, all employees must report Tuesday, 1 OCT 13.  If the government shuts down, an orderly transfer of work responsibilities, keys, signing of furlough notices, etc will be conducted. Detailed guidance will follow next week.

2) If the government shuts down, employees will remain away from their place of duty and perform no official work unless, and until, they are recalled once a continuation resolution or an appropriations bill is passed.  As a result of the lapse of appropriations, all paid leave is cancelled during this period.  Supervisors will keep employees informed on the status of potential shutdown.

3) Louisiana National Guard supervisors conducted verbal notification on Friday, 27 SEP 13 for all employees in order to identify exactly who may be furloughed and who is recommended to be excepted in the event of the shutdown.  Supervisors will need to record the date and time of the verbal notification and maintain this log.

4) If an employee is on leave on 01 OCT 13 and the Government shuts down, that leave will be converted to a furlough because there is no signed appropriation to maintain employees in a paid leave status

5) Supervisors and employees are encouraged to monitor the news media and “geauxguard.com” for the latest shutdown information.  Upon announcement through media outlets of the end of Government Shutdown Operations, employees are to report to work the next business day.